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Has your baby been diagnosed with Tongue and/or Lip-tie?


Are you and your baby experiencing ANY of these symptoms below?

Baby's Symptoms

  • Poor latch

  • Poor Weight Gain

  • Reflux or spitting up often

  • Clicking or smacking noises

  • Gassy or fussy often

  • Milk dribbles out of mouth

  • Baby is frustrated when eating

  • Unable to hold a pacifier

  • Marathon feeds

  • Arches back at breast

Mother's Symptoms

  • Painful nursing

  • Creased or flattened nipples

  • Blistered or cut nipples

  • Incomplete breast drainage

  • Plugged ducts or mastitis

  • Can’t latch without a nipple shield

*Sometimes only mom or baby has symptoms.


If the answer is yes, contact us, we can help!


It is not only how the frenulum looks

We carefully examine 2 things 

  • Function (how breastfeeding is going)

  • Appearance (how the frenulum looks)


The most important things is how breastfeeding is going. Not only how the frenulum looks.  



Tongue-Tie in Infants & Young Children

American Academy of Pediatrics

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