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Before Delivery

Prenatal Visit

  • Prenatal visit (~60 min)
  • Completely personalized
  • Address health history or any concerns regarding feeding

  • "Must know" feeding info

  • Prenatal nutrition

  • Chestfeeding support

  • Pre-adoption/Relactation support

FSA/HSA eligible expense

After baby arrives

Initial Lactation Visit

(~90 min)

  • Assess latch and positioning

  • Assess baby's mouth and mom's breasts

  • Before & after feeding weights

  • 48 hr care plan & report to pediatrician

and more...

FSA/HSA eligible expense

Follow Up Lactation Visit

(~60 min)

  • Assess progress of care plan

  • Adjust care plan as needed

  • Before & after feeding weights

  • 48 hr care plan & report to pediatrician

and more...

FSA/HSA eligible expense

Return to work/Pump

(~60 min)

  • Breast pump set up & flange fitting
  • Personalized pumping plan
  • Tips on bottle feeding
  • Breastmilk storage info

and more...

FSA/HSA eligible expense
Combination Packages
More visits, more confidence

'Ohana Special (2 visits)


Includes 2 visits:

Prenatal & Initial BF visit


Initial & Follow-Up BF visit

  • Most popular combination package

  • $45  savings

  • Strongly recommended for:

    • first time parents 

    • first time breastfeeding families

    • families with latch

    • multiple babies

    • prematurely born babies

    • low milk supply and/or multiple challenges

  • A great baby shower gift

Royal Special (3visits)


Includes 3 visits:

Prenatal,  Initial & Follow-Up BF visit


Initial & 2 Follow-Up BF visit


Initial & Follow-Up BF visit, Return to work visit

  •  $60  savings

  • Recommended for parents and family seeking comprehensive quality care  

  • A great baby shower gift

*Pls call or text (808) 427-3355 if you are purchasing a combo package or a gift certificate
FSA/HSA eligible expense
Service Details
Prenatal Visit (~60 min) 
This is a completely customized prenatal visit catered to your concerns and interest.

We will chat before the visit to ensure that you will receive the information you are looking for.

Examples of services provided:

  • A personalized breastfeeding education depending on your feeding goal, medical history & anatomical concerns

    • e.g. nursing with chronic medical condition, breast/chest surgery (implants, reduction, masculinization, piercing) inverted nipple, flat nipple, taking certain medication(s) etc.​​

  • Understanding basic nursing mechanism​​

  • "Must know" breastfeeding information 

    • There is a lot of information out there. We will help you know the ​most important information you need to know to.

  • Prenatal nutrition

    • Do you have any diet restrictions? Preferences? Allergies or any diets you are following?​ As a registered dietitian, dietary recommendations can be made as you eat for you and your baby.​

  • Helping you choose the best pump for you

    • We will discuss different types of pumps and find the best pump that will suit your goals and situation.

    • Will help you assemble your pump if you have one already!

  • Partner's role with a breastfeeding baby

  • Pre-adoption, re-lactation support

  • and anything else, such as which nursing pillow to buy, lactation bras to get, and so much more!

Lactation Initial Visit (~90 min)

What happens at a visit will depend on the type of challenges and concerns you are having.

To give you an idea, most visits include the following:

  • Mom and baby's medical history

  • Weight check for baby (before and after feeding)

  • Examine baby's mouth

  • Examining mom's breast/chest

  • Latching and positioning assessment

  • Nutritional info for mom

  • Coming up with a care plan

  • A report to mother's physician and/or baby's pediatrician 

  • As needed: assessing pump techniques & flange sizes, teaching of hand expression, usage of nipple shields, etc.  


After the visit, you will have unlimited text, phone or email follow up for the next 2 weeks.

Breast/chestfeeding problems can be complicated and may take some time to work things out. That is why you will have free access to me for 2 weeks so that we can work together to improve your situation!


Areas of assistance:

  • Latching and positioning

  • Infant weight loss/Slow weight gain

  • Poor/incomplete breast drainage

  • Sore or damaged nipples

  • Tongue/lip tie related issues

  • Chestfeeding support

  • Hand expression

  • Jaundiced babies

  • Sleepy babies

  • Thrush

  • Clogged ducts/mastitis

  • Low milk supply

  • Overactive let down/fast flow of milk

  • Feeding after a breast/chest surgery

  • Nursing multiples

  • Feeding challenges related to gestational age

  • Pumping

  • Re-lactation

  • Nutrition during lactation

  • Food allergies with breastfed babies

  • Tandem feeding

  • and more...

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Back to Work/Pumping (~60 min)


We will develop a fully customized pumping plan that will work with at your work setting and schedule.

Included in the session:

  • Pump set up/demo/flange fitting

  • Instructions to baby's care giver

  • Tips on bottle feeding/pace feeding

  • Milk storage information and more!