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Thank you for making an appointment with us!

Here are some things we'd like you to do to prepare for the visit.

We would like to see baby nurse during the visit.  Please try to time feedings so that baby is motivated to feed during the visit. You can offer shorter feeding sessions or smaller amount of feedings if baby is hungry and fussy.

In most cases, we will start with weighing your baby on the scale. To maximize our time, please have your baby just in a diaper (wrap in a blanket if baby is cold).

Please have your pets in another room. We love pets, however, some pets may not like us!


Breastfeeding requires teamwork. We encourage partners, significant others, or any other caregivers and family members to join the session!


Please plan an activity or have someone care for the older sibling(s) so we can maximize our visit time.

...and please, please, don't worry about cleaning your house!

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