Are you having breastfeeding challenges?

Don't face it alone, we can help!

Feeding your baby is SUCH a rewarding & joyful experience
But yes, it can be a little overwhelming being the first & biggest responsibility you have as a mom
That is why we are here for you
Let us help you be equipped and confident to enjoy breastfeeding your baby

In your home

  • No need to worry about traveling to offices, we will do the traveling for you!(Virtual appointments are available during the pandemic and for mamas outside of O'ahu.)

  • Consults are done where you feel comfortable in your home so you & baby can be relaxed. 


Breastfeeding Home Visits 

  • Prenatal Visit (~60 min) $120

  • Initial Visit (~90 min) $175

  • Follow up visit within 2 wks of the initial visit (~60 min): $90

  • Follow up visit after 2 wks of the initial visit (~60 min): $120

  • Combo Packet (Initial + Follow up): $250  $45 savings - Most Popular Packet 


*Travel Fee:

20-30 miles (from town) = $10

30 miles or more (from town) = $20​​

 Click here for other services & fees


Breastfeeding VIRTUAL Visits 

  • Prenatal Visit (~60 min) $120

  • Initial Visit (~60 min) $120

  • Follow up Visits (~30 min): $60

  • Combo Packet (Initial + Follow up): $150  $30 saving

  • Brief Visit (20 min): $35 NEW!! - Perfect for latch check, quick questions etc.



 Click here for other services & fees



Payment due at the consult

(In person & online)

We take cash, check,

credit cards/FSA/HSA

(service fee applies for cards)


A superbill (reciept) will be

provided to you 


Submit the superbill to your insurance company for possible reimbursement



  • Consult fees can be requested for reimbursement through your insurance company. Please visit The National Women's Law Center toolkit which explains your right for breastfeeding support and takes you step-by-step on how to request for reimbursement. 

  • Consults fees are FSA/HSA (Flexible Spendings Account/Health Savings Account) eligible.

Mama's voices

"I felt lost in breastfeeding the second time around. Through Mihoko's kindness and gentle presence, I instantly felt at ease with her in my home. She was meticulous in all our efforts and follow through. She gave me tangible problem solving skills and goals to my specific issues (as we know each baby can be so different). Her knowledge and compassion were priceless when navigating those first few months."

{Mama of a 8 wk old baby, Kaneohe}

From a mama whose baby was in the NICU for several months and never was able to latch baby.

"I just wanted to thank you again for your help! I was so close to giving up as baby was not latching onto me at all. I thought of just pumping and giving her breastmilk that way but couldn't give up the desire of latching her on. I am SO glad I called you and got your help. She is now 5 month, a nursing champ and I hardly ever pump now! Thank you SO SO much!                 

(Mama of a 5 month old baby, Waimanalo)

I am so grateful of your help! I was in so much pain and didn't know what to do....after your consult, my bleb was gone and no pain! Can't thank enough!

(Mama of a 2 wk old baby, Honolulu)

Quality Care Made Easy


Schedule a Home Visit by phone/text/email

Easy Appointments 



We Come to You 

No worries about bringing baby

to an appointment

Follow Care Plan


2 wks Unlimited Support


Breastfeeding challenges can be tough
Don't face it alone. We will come to you, right where you are. 
Getting help can:
  • save you weeks of pain and discomfort
  • learn about tongue/lip ties
  • help baby have a better latch and thrive
  • prevent low milk supply/increase milk supply
  • identify what is causing you the challenges
  • answer any questions based on scientific evidences....and so much more!
We are committed to support you with your own feeding needs & goals.


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